Looking for a chrismas present? or a birthday present? A thank you gift?


Gift cards boring? we are putting an end to boring gift cards.  This gift card comes with a great opportunity to try paddle boarding, have a swim induction and swim or for a youth to attend one of our fantasic holiday paddle boarding activity days.



Terms & Conditions of use: 

The stated voucher code entitles the holder to chose 1 activity (as listed) provided by PTP Coaching LTD. 

In order to claim the holder must email info@PTPCoaching.co.uk quoting the voucher code and which activity they would like to take part in. Further detail will then be given about how to book your sessions. 

Sessions will only be available during normal operating hours, and only when instructing staff are available. If used on a SUP session of a higher value than the voucher allows then the participant will be required to pay the difference. 

All sessions must be booked in advance and are subject to the Lake rules, Terms and conditions, Privacy policy and Cancellation policy as listed on www.ptpcoaching.co.uk at the time of booking. 

No cash alternative will be issued in respect of this voucher and it can be claimed only once. 

This voucher must used by the expiry date stated.


we will recieve this as an email.

Activity Voucher