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Highest quality waterproof and windproof technical light weight fabric. Designed to keep you warm & dry after your outdoor sports adventures. Made in the UK. Perfect for the most hard-core days out, Wild Swimming, kayaking, SUP, kite surfing, surfing, triathlon, mountain-biking, trail running, tough mudder and even outdoor festivals.


Bamboo’s highly absorbent, powerfully insulating, soft, hypo-allergenic eco-friendly properties make it an ideal fabric & really set smoc smoc apart in quality.  



Bamboo is a natural fibre which if gets back into the water from your skin will NOT add to the MICROWASTE problems in the oceans and lakes -  unlike some other change robes which contain micro plastics in their lining  - this adds to this environmental problem. 

Our bamboo lining will actually dry you – wicking the cold water away from your skin like a huge towel. This also helps to get you warm and cosy.



A huge amount of research went into the features of the  design of this changing robe. Large hood with pull cords, long sleeves, strong chunky zipper, internal pockets for keys/money and underwear!


WHY A FULL LENGTH ZIP?  Some of our customers prefer the full length as they like to wear their smoc open. 


Comes in its own SCRAP BAG!  

The bags have been made from off cuts of fabric from your smoc they are ideal for standing on when you get dry, excellent for taking home bits of scrap plastic you find on the beach or by the river and great to store your smoc in.


We don't recommend regular washing of your smoc but if you do please machine wash at 30 degrees max. Ideally hand wash or Shower off the inside. Dry inside out.  Line dry. NO TUMBLE DRY! 


NB As with any waterproof clothing, washing can reduce the resistance to water. Bamboo is anti bacterial so if dried after use should require minimal washing. Washing may cause the printing to crack or peel off so please proceed with caution!

Smoc Smoc

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